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The reality is that patients, colleagues, and investors are turning to the Internet for medical information, treatment options, health care providers, alternative medicines, new medical devices, and more. The information available on the Internet is increasingly the way patients learn, understand, and act on their own behalf.

As all our TEAM members are have medical background (physicians, medial writers and editors). We can design and manage your website much more efficiently than others. So we can say that

Key features of our website development

Competitor Marketing Analysis:
Through careful analysis of what your online competitors are doing to earn their page rankings, DDA helps clients understand what tools and methods must be utilized in an aggressive Internet marketing and promotion strategy that will help your medical website rise above theirs.

Functional Plan
The function plan combines the clients knowledge and experience in their field of healthcare with our expertise. The result is the creation of a set of guidelines that are based on strategy. These guidelines establish priorities for developing the functions of the site and achieving efficiencies while improving communication and productivity.


Keyword Research
We performs the keyword research for the medical products, treatment services, patient information, etc., that you provide. Extensive research helps us to understand the patterns and statistics of searches and, additionally, focuses the content to a chosen audience.

Easy Navigation
Visitors who enter your site should be able to find and understand the information they want immediately and without effort. We will build intuitive navigation systems that offer easy access to information and a great user experience.

Keyword Rich Content Development
At The Medical Writers, we employs degreed copywriters and research specialists to generate informative, optimized text consistent with online search patterns and targeted for your audience.

Website Analysis
We use multiple software tools to update clients understand their visitors browsing experiences. provision of information about user navigation, tracking, movements throughout all areas of the web site

Website Hosting Solution
We provides website hosting packages complementing your need.

Website Maintenance
We provides very professional, efficient and timely website Maintenance which is highly cost effective.

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