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So, you are to present your research work as a poster presentation. What do you do? Confused? Frightened? Don't worry!

We are different from others because we see your poster presentation with a different perspective and know how to communicate your message effectively in a better way. We are concerned with the use of posters to present technical information, not images.

The difference between a poster and an oral presentation is that you should let your poster do most of the 'talking'; that is, the material presented should convey the essence of your message.

An effective poster operates on multiple levels
source of information
conversation starter
advertisement of your work
summary of your work


    Do other presumptive colleagues - and poster judges - merely glance at your poster, then cross their eyes and hurry past?
    Is the space in front of your poster devoid of people?
    Do those that do come, look at your poster in obvious bewilderment?
    Does your poster fail to provoke thoughtful questions or interest?

    If you are not attracting the wide and enthusiastic audience you deserve, We can help you. Just Contact us!






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