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Its not necessary that every good clinician is a good scientist and a skilled scientific writer. Medical writing is an academic activity not enjoyed by a vast majority of the clinicians. However, in the changed circumstances where published work is a pre-requisite and is important for selection, appointment and for further promotions in academics, the clinicians are forced to conduct studies and write under compulsion with the result that the quality of their manuscripts is not so good. Even after having conducted a study, many clinicians find it extremely difficult to write and prepare the manuscript which can be accepted for publication in the peer reviewed medical journals.

May be you can write but you are too busy because of your professional commitments. If you have prepared a draft and want revise, edit, polish; or you have great ideas that need to be discussed and worked out jointly as co-author, we can offer our expertise.


Our TEAM also works from outlines, notes, statistical reports, and incomplete drafts to help you develop a publishable manuscript.


Even if you are working in a remote area, we can assure you that you can write an original article despite limited resources and patients exposure. Just contact us.



Article writing for peer review journal (original article, case report, short communication)
Abstract writing
Synopsis (for Institutional Review Board Approval / Ethical Review board, funding)
Correction of English grammar and syntax
Manuscript modification according to instructions for authors for your target journal
  We can also provide
Conception of research idea within your resources
Literature searches and Evaluation
Making of a good quality proforma
Statistical Data Analysis


Our mission is to assist you in preparing your manuscript to the highest quality of standard in a timely and efficient manner so that you can devote your time to advancing your professional and scientific career.

At The Medical Writers, our TEAM have published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and have acted as referees for such journals. We have been through the entire process and understand how important it is for your career to publish your work rapidly and accurately. Our experience enables us to prepare your manuscript with the technical expertise and attention to the details that is a requisite for successful publication. 



All manuscripts helped by The Medical Writers are held in strict confidence and their contents will not be revealed to anyone.  In addition, our TEAM members make a pledge to maintain confidentiality of these papers.

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