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Online Research Course

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13th Online Research Course



Sunday: 11 Dec 2016 Access to Course Website:
User id and password to each participant


Tuesday: 13 Dec 2016 Session 1:
Release Timing: 4 pm
Topic: Session & Course website usage
Introduction to Research, Plagiarism
Assignment of online website:
Reading for research
Read the handouts of the course in Resource Area

Use of Webinar and reviewing the recording of Webinar
Profile making on Moodle and Use of Moodle
Online hands-on Exercise (time bound)
Friday: 116Dec 2016

Session 2:
Release Timing: 4 pm

Topic: Topic Selection, 
Literature Search, Reference Writing

Assignment of online website:
Select your topic of Research in consultation with your group members and your facilitator
Online hands-on Exercise (time bound)

Saturday: 17 Dec 2016 Collaborative Groups Making
Sunday : 18 Dec 2016

Video Demonstration
Topic: Literature Search Strategy

Conduct a good literature search about your chosen topic
Tuesday: 20 Dec 2016

Session 3:
Release Timing: 4 pm

Topic: Writing Introduction, Objectives. 
Study Designs

Assignment of online website:
Write Introduction of your Research Proposal with good and clear rationale.
Online hands-on Exercise (time bound)
Friday: 23 Dec 2016 Session 4:
Release Timing: 4 pm

Topic: Basic Biostatistics and Questionnaire making
Assignment of online website:
Finalize the questionnaire of the study and Write statistical plan
Online hands-on Exercise (time bound)
Tuesday: 27 Dec 2016 Session 5:
Release Timing: 4 pm

Topic: Writing Method
Assignment of online website:
Write Methodology of your research proposal
Online hands-on Exercise (time bound)
Friday: 30 Dec 2016

Feedback and Summary of Final proposals:
Topic: Finalized Protocol Comments

Assignment of online website:
Anything still not clear by the students and comments about proposals
Sunday : 1 Jan 2017

Close of Course Website


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Note: Completing online exercises, forum posts and submitting assignments are mandatory during the whole course

Students will be provided a user id and password of the online course.

Resource Material

  • Is available online which includes some excellent books about biostatistics, SPSS, how to write research protocol. Also real Research Proposals available for download.

  • A Template research proposal as Microsoft word file is also available for download for use to make students own research proposal.

There are total five sections linked with five webinar session for this course.

Students should collaborate with each other and with facilitator on the Discussion Forum of the respective sections. Other students can also reply to the posts.

Online Exercises (MCQs) are available online for each section which should be completed by all the students within time.

Students will be divided into groups by the course organizer and all assignment work will be done in groups (each group will work on one Research Proposal under guidance of facilitators)

After each Webinar session, you will be given assignments with a completion deadline. Assignment details will available on course website.

Students should complete the assignment with other group members and facilitators in the discussion forum. Upload it in assignment area and when finalize send them for marking. Assignment should be submitted by any one member of the group after consultation.

Active participation on the online course website is mandatory for learning and certificate.


e-Certificate is not given to each registered participant.

Requirement: Attendance in Webinars, Active participation in discussion, exercises and finalization of the Research Proposal.

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